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Victoria Charles, LMFT

I’m so glad you’re here.

I offer therapy for the overwhelmed person.

I work with people who want to feel better about themselves, their relationships, their work, their place in the world, and their lives. I’m here because I want to listen to you, I’m here to give you a sense of hope that you can face the pain you’re carrying, I’m here to let you feel that you are not alone with your challenges, and I’m here as a trained professional to help you release and transform your painful burdens. I’m here for you.

It can get overwhelming trying to do it alone. Attempting to bring balance to your life can feel daunting when you’re stuck in your familiar patterns. If you’re struggling with symptoms from anxiety, depression, PTSD, stress, or relationship challenges, you might be feeling too overwhelmed to navigate your experience all on your own. The weight of it might be getting too heavy.

Maybe life got way more intense than you ever expected. Maybe you need to relearn how to trust yourself again. Maybe your confidence level took a big hit and you forget what it’s like to feel good about yourself. Maybe you’re carrying unprocessed grief and you cry at inconvenient times. Perhaps you’re moving through your life in a constant state of overwhelm and stress. Let’s look at the various ways you experience the stress response cycle so you can learn how to break free from it. I will provide you with tools to shift out of stress and anxiety.

Ready to feel something new?

Here are some ways I can help

Individual Therapy

Let’s explore where you’re struggling while building upon your strengths. Give yourself an opportunity to be liberated from what’s holding you back.

Trauma Therapy/ EMDR

Get support in trauma recovery. Let yourself move toward a bright future where your past no longer affects how you live.

Couples Therapy

Stop having the same repeated argument and learn your pattern. Equip yourselves with the keys to a more fulfilling, passionate, and connected relationship.

Healing through Connection

Together we can unwind the tight knots and stuck places. Feeling safe and accepted in your wholeness is a freeing and transformative experience. Sitting with someone who honors your true self unconditionally can serve as the powerful vehicle to healing. The parts of you that you learned to hide can safely feel seen and valued. You can learn to break the cycle of relating to yourself in harsh ways. Being in a safe, secure therapeutic relationship invites the relaxation response, so you can let go of that tight, tense way you hold yourself together.

You can have more meaning and ease while living from your aliveness. Tending to yourself and your relationships is a catalyst to enjoying your life. Discovering what lights you up can let you step more fully into yourself. It is possible to start thriving as you engage in bringing your true self to the world.

Understand your relationship style

Are you continuously dating the same type of person? Do you find yourself repeating the same patterns in relationships and experiencing the same type of conflict? Do you avoid difficult conversations? Do you frequently feel responsible for other people’s feelings? Let’s explore your relationship style and see what is informing your choices.

Navigating relationships is one of the most important skills you can learn. We will explore your patterns and communication styles that perhaps do not serve you. You can learn to connect in fulfilling ways and to relate to others with trust.

Are you experiencing challenges in your relationship? When you are stuck in your familiar negative cycles it can feel impossible to break out of them on your own. Couples therapy is a powerful way to learn about your cycles and can help you create a healthy relationship. You can make your way back to each other.

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