“Life meanders like a path through the woods. We have seasons when we flourish and seasons when the leaves fall from us, revealing our bare bones. Given time, they grow again.”

–  Katherine May –

Creating Connection

Have you ever experienced deep listening? How did you feel?  

Individual therapy is a powerful vehicle in which to learn about yourself and gain the skills to make the significant changes you are craving.  I work with you to co-create a therapeutic bond that is secure and safe, which can hold your deep inner work.  This foundational work allows for lasting change.  This is a journey of working on both symptoms and root causes.

Compassionate care through
Mind-Body Psychotherapy

You do not have to prepare anything for your first individual therapy session. Simply just show up. In our safe, collaborative space you can better understand yourself and achieve your goals. The therapeutic relationship is quite transformative and in this healing environment you can access your own wisdom that will lead you to live more fully.

I integrate multiple techniques from mindfulness-based and somatic modalities. Together in our work, we will listen to the wisdom of the body and the intellect of the mind to create balance. You will learn what your nervous system is telling you along with your emotional system. In this holistic way, you can shift your state of being and discover a new way of living.

Here are some ways I can help:

Trauma and PTSD
Recovery from abusive relationships
Processing anger
Relationships and interpersonal skills
Attachment wounding
Self esteem and confidence
Searching for meaning and purpose
Coping skills
Unresolved issues from family system
Childhood abuse
Anxiety, stress, and overwhelm
Life transitions
Grief and loss
Life direction
Spiritual perspectives and seeking
Harsh inner critic

Your session is your time that is dedicated to your growth and unfolding.

It is a sacred space that is centered on your experience. You will feel how powerful it is to be deeply listened to, and to receive reflections and feedback from an attuned person sitting with you in service of you.

You can think of therapy as an experience where you get to step out of time and take refuge. In the therapeutic space, you can hear what inside of you wants to be known and emerge. There is something new and vital waiting in you that is ready to be experienced. This new part of you requires a gentle, supportive relationship that is welcoming it into existence. I am a sort of emotional midwife.

Our work together will incorporate identifying what the issues are and also locating your inner strengths so you can feel fortified in your process. You will feel like you are standing on solid ground as you move through your material.

As your therapist, I am here to:

Align with your deepest longings and goals

Lift the veil so clarity can come through

Help you uncover what has been holding you back

Help you thrive as you move towards remembering your wholeness

Help you relate to yourself in kinder and compassionate ways