“Learn to reach for the people you love. Nothing grows people like love. When we are loved, we blossom.”

Sue Johnson

Intimate partnership… the most challenging and rewarding experience of your life.

You enter into relationship with the best intentions, but things still can go wrong. You are trying your best to love and be loved. Yet something isn’t going quite right.

You and your partner are locked in a story that you’re each telling yourselves and you cannot get out of this narrative. You’re convinced that you know exactly what the problem is… and the problem is the way your partner is showing up, right?

Maybe an incident from the past was never processed and has been lingering in your dynamic for years. Maybe you have no idea what went wrong along the way…you only know that your relationship feels stressful and filled with conflict. Perhaps you stopped talking to each other and you have no clue what your partner is feeling or thinking anymore. The disconnect is growing.

Couples therapy can help you see the things that are in your blind spot.
Couples therapy can make a profound difference.

I will help you to:

Identify your patterns that increase distress and conflict and then guide you in increasing connection, honest interactions, safety with each other, closeness, intimacy, and feeling understood

identify your strengths so we can build on them and use them as something to stand on during our work
identify the negative cycles that you get trapped in
rebuild your friendship and sexual intimacy
identify your communication styles so you can learn new skills to effectively communicate with each other
create new shared meaning
create a new sense of secure functioning

We will look at the ways in which you have conflict so you can learn how to have healthy and productive conflict. You will learn specifically what types of communication styles are harmful to your relationship. You will learn how to have a successful repair after conflict.

I’m here to help you get back on the same page. You want to feel like your partner is on your side again. It is possible to rebuild trust and your commitment to each other. You can find your way back to each other.